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Technology AUP

Intrinsic Schools provides a variety of information and communication technologies to our students and staff. These tools when used properly become an essential resource to ensuring the success of all members of the Intrinsic family. This document details best practices and standards that all are expected to follow.

Access and Content Filtering
Intrinsic-owned computers and wireless infrastructure have content filtering software to ensure that all resources accessed are age appropriate as defined by the federal Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA). Student Chromebooks utilize this software both inside and outside of the Intrinsic network. Students and staff are prohibited from installing any tools/software that may try and bypass these filters.

Accounts and User Information
Every student and staff member is assigned a username and password to access resources where necessary. These accounts are to be used solely for work pertaining to Intrinsic Schools. Passwords are not to be shared between users. Users should only access their own files and resources and should not access another user’s files and resources.

Students are expected to demonstrate the values of Intrinsic both offline and online. This means remembering that you are representative of Intrinsic and are expected to show empathy in all online spaces. Students are not to participate in cyber-bullying, gossip, or other unkind actions. Please see an Intrinsic staff member or complete the anonymous tip line form in your OneLogin portal if you feel bullied in any way.

Every day, students are expected to bring their assigned, fully charged Chromebook. If a student arrives without their Chromebook, a parent and/or guardian will be contacted immediately to bring the device to the school.

Students and staff have a responsibility to treat all Intrinsic-owned equipment with respect and devices should be kept free of damage. If a device is damaged in any way, the Technology Department should be notified immediately. In the event of fire or theft of a device, a police report must be filed. A copy of the police report must be provided to Intrinsic Schools.

Student Devices
Students are provided with all necessary tools and resources while at Intrinsic Schools. Intrinsic will handle all necessary repairs and support to ensure the devices are operating properly. Physical damage is not covered by Intrinsic; students and parents are responsible for any costs associated with damaged/lost/misused technology.

Cell phones are permitted but not allowed to be used, heard, or seen on school grounds. If parents need to communicate with their students they are encouraged to email students or call the main office. Students will be issued a detention for violating the cell phone policy.