Amanda Brown

High School Drama Teacher

Ms. Brown is thrilled to be joining the Intrinsic Team as the high school Drama teacher. Growing up, Ms Brown lived in five states, but most recently, lived and worked in Los Angeles – she spent three years as a founding high school Humanities and Drama teacher at Da Vinci Science High School and three years as in Instructional Coach for Teach for America Los Angeles. She also spent three summers coaching new teachers at Teach for America’s Los Angeles Institute, worked part time and mentored with the Young Storytellers, and co-founded an after school program called Girls Amplified which helps girls tell their stories through storytelling, theater, and media. She holds a Masters Degree in Educational Theater from New York University and a Bachelors in Television and Film from Boston University. In her spare time, Ms. Brown loves cooking, running, Netflix binge-watching, and spending time with her family and friends.